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OzarksWatch has been covering the Ozarks since 1987. What began as a newsletter edited by Drs. Robert B. Flanders and Robert K. Gilmore (1927-1997), out of The Center for Ozarks Studies, soon evolved into a popular journal distributed to subscribers throughout the United States and numerous foreign countries.

Under the editorial direction of Dr. Donald R. Holliday (1994-2000) OzarksWatch continued to address issues in Ozarks culture. "Contrary to what the name of the magazine title suggests to some readers," says Dr. Holliday, "OzarksWatch is not about some ecological watch over the Ozarks. The purpose of the magazine is to provide authoritative and readable articles about the Ozarks and its people from pre-Columbian to the present. We want people to enjoy reading OzarksWatch, but we want all articles based on either solid research or firsthand experience" (Et Alia, 1998).

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