Current Issue

Series 2
Volume VI, No. 2
Fall/Winter 2017


Author Page

From the Editor

by Susan Croce Kelly

Picturing the Ozarks

introduction by Susan Croce Kelly

Ma and Pa—and Fields Photo Shop
in the words of their son Max Fields
Pictures in the Mist: Photographs by J.H. Field
adapted by Susan Croce Kelly
Mary St. John, Photo Hobbyist
by Shannon Mawhiney
Commercial Photographer Harry Morgan
by Susan Croce Kelly
Picture This: Photography of Domino Danzero
by Leslie James
Oscar Carter, Moving Picture Man
by Shannon Mawhiney
Kate Wright’s Grandma
in the words of photographer Kate Wright
Betty Love, One-of-a-Kind Photojournalist
by Mike O’Brien

Art Song in the Ozarks, Part II

by James S. Baumlin

Sherman the Plowman

by Dewayne Keirn

OzarksWatch, the Video Magazine

by Susan Croce Kelly

Ozarks Then and Now

by Kaitlyn McConnell

Home in the Hills

by Renee Ramsey

Book Reviews

Blood River Rising
by Victoria Pope Hubbell
reviewed by Evan Henningsen
James Fork of the White: Transformation of an Ozark River
by Leland and Crystal Payton
reviewed by Thomas A. Peters
Hillbilly Hellraisers: Federal Power and Populist Defiance in the Ozarks
by J. Blake Perkins
reviewed by Thomas A. Peters
The First Beverly Hillbilly: The Untold Story of the Creator of Rural TV Comedy
by Ruth Henning
reviewed by Thomas A. Peters
LANFORD WILSON: Early Stories, Sketches, and Poems
edited by David A. Crespy
reviewed by Susan Croce Kelly

Ozarks Studies Institute

by Rachel Besara